Nicole Paskauskas of DISCO DUST LONDON


Interviewed in London in August 2017

DISCO DUST LONDON is a high quality cosmetic glitter brand perfect for hair, face, nails and body.

Nicole; “I left school in York at 17, moved to London and took the Portfolio Course at LCFPortfolio Course at LCF instead of finishing my A Levels. I passed the course and was auditioning for a part in Skins when I found out I’d got a place on BA Textile Design. (I didn’t get the role in Skins in the end). I graduated from that in 2014 and embarked on a series of random jobs and internships.

The idea for glitter came from doing hair wraps; my final collection at LCF had involved hair wraps and body wraps to go over clothing – and a friend hired me to hair-wrap and bring glitter at an LGBT Fresher’s party at Goldsmiths she had organised. The glitter did so well there were queues all evening and people loved it. It was rewarding to have such an enthusiastic response to your work; I remember thinking then that glitter had potential. At the time, as well as hair wrapping, I was making jewellery; I’d recently started assisting an amazing photographer after walking out of my job in a department store having decided a 9-5 wasn’t for me. I decided I needed to focus on one thing and see how that went.

Screen Shot 2017-09-10 at 19.35.43 

My goal was to learn how to run a business. I feel like glitter is only the first one – I’d like to run more businesses in the future. I love fashion and studied textiles but having interned and worked for small fashion businesses, I know how difficult it is to turn a profit and what the risks are. So many of my favourite labels have ended up closing down.

I had an accident on a job where hot oil was spilt on my leg. They paid me a lump sum as compensation – so that was my main start-up investment capital.

I started out by doing a few glitter stalls at events to trial the products, but I found that there are already loads of small boutique glitter brands out there so I didn’t want to follow that route and focused more on the product, branding and quality.

Screen Shot 2017-09-10 at 19.35.17

DISCO DUST LONDON’s point of difference from other brands is the combination of love and attention to detail within each glitter product, as well as our hand-picked selection of the newest and highest quality glitter products. We would place ourselves at more of a luxury product market, we want it to feel like treasure that you can roll around in. I did all the branding and design, it’s my favourite part of the job, and built and designed the website myself.

In May we did a trade show called Pulse at Olympia, which specialises in gifts, modern living and fashion accessories with a design focus.  We gained a lot of stockists and support from it alongside attention from our Instagram, and currently have 32 stockists including Cyberdog, Not Another Salon [on Brick Lane], Dolls Kill in California and Beyond Retro in London with more in the pipeline.

Screen Shot 2017-09-10 at 19.39.24


Instagram has been an amazing platform, it has allowed us to really build up an identity and document some of our favourite customers creations. It also allowed us to reach out to some insanely talented people and make up artists such as Theresa who did our first campaign or Bea [pic above] who introduced me to [this blog] in fact!

The wholesale model is quite a challenge since of course you could see it as less profit per sale. Straight to consumer is more profitable but we do really enjoy working with other companies. it is also really rewarding to have the support of some really influential stores which in turn can tend to send traffic in our direction.

Screen Shot 2017-09-10 at 19.33.44

The big development in the world of glitter is that in the future we hope that everything will be biodegradable. We launched our biodegradable range of 15 colours at the trade show in May and are currently planning a new range for next year!

Biodegradable glitter is made from cellulose film which is a raw material that can decompose with heat, water and air. It has to decompose within a certain amount of time or it can’t get certified as biodegradable, so far I haven’t been able to find any in iridescent or holographic but we are working on it!

Screen Shot 2017-09-10 at 19.38.24

The next goal is to expand our workspace. In the beginning we had five months in a property guardianship so that really helped to cover start-up costs. I haven’t made too many sacrifices to get the business going, although I haven’t been able to learn to drive yet as it’s just been so busy.

The way I set things up was to jump into it without a long planning period. You could spend forever planning so you may as well learn on the job by making mistakes. My biggest challenge is deadlines, time planning, getting orders out on time.

I’ve got a mentor at the Princes Trust and I’ll have mentoring for a few years for free. My mentor is a huge support and always gives good advice. In terms of investment I’ve been growing slowly rather than spending too much. My general rule is not to outsource investment – I’d rather grow slowly.”



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